March 25th, 2010

Black Candy Store Album Release Party Vert Anglais

Just a note for you fellow Languedoc people.

The awesome band Black Candy Store (formerly known as The Waves) have their album release party at The Vert Anglais in Montpellier tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

They will play a set of songs from their new album plus their usual series of fun covers.

Happy Hour starts at 9.

Get ready to get drunk and rock and roll!

Condomania's Annual Penis Size Report

As those of you may remember from last year when I first discovered this, Condomania every year releases a report on dick size by city.

They can do this because they have a brand of condom that dudes can order in custom sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

“These fitted condoms range in length from 3 to 10 inches and from super slim to extra roomy.” says Chris Filkins, Condomania’s Directory of Technology. “After gathering detailed information on over 27,000 penises, we now have the most comprehensive database of penis sizes on the planet! Needless to say, these men’s privacy is our utmost concern, and we’re interested only in the statistics, and not who’s who! But the data itself is pretty interesting.”

Anyway, you can see lots of info here

But, I'm sure all you care about is the cities with the biggest dicks- so here you go:

# New Orleans
# Washington DC
# San Diego
# New York City
# Phoenix
# Portland
# Atlanta
# San Francisco
# Chicago
# St. Louis
# Seattle
# Miami
# Indianapolis
# Columbus
# Boston
# Denver
# Los Angeles
# Detroit
# Philadelphia
# Dallas/Ft. Worth