March 24th, 2010

What Makes You A Pansy?

The other day, one of the Jezebel writers confessed to sucking at being able to do her nails.

She then asked her readers what kind of girl stuff they too never managed to master.

Lots of people wrote in and most women said that it was eyeliner that they were clueless about.

That made me wonder: What kind of shit do us guys suck at that we are supposed to be good at?

I'll go first.

I can't put shit together for the life of me. When we get crap from IKEA Rome Girl puts it together. If she wasn't here, I'd hire someone to do it. Because, honestly, I'd hurt myself, the furniture and my neighbors if I tried to do it on my own.

That's the main way I suck at being a guy.

Your turn, dudes. What flaw do you have that would make the average Bruce Willis character call you a ladyboy?

Go Greece!

Because we are paid in dollars but have to pay for shit in Euros we are very aware of the exchange rate.

I'm going to take out my rent money this week so I checked to see how much it is in dollars. It comes out at $782.

A year ago it was $940!

So, yeah, I'm all in favor of this Greek financial crisis that is killing the Euro to go on a little while longer.

What's Your Porn Of View?

Poll #1542364 Porn Of View

When You Look At A Still Image Of A Girl In Porn What Pose Do You Prefer?

Playboy Style. Girl Standing Up Or On A Bed. Legs Closed. You Can See Bush But Not Pussy
Penthouse Style. Girl Standing Or On Bed Legs Spread So You Can See Pussy
Girl On Hands And Knees Looking Up Blow Job Style
Girl On All Fours With Her Ass Pointing At The Camera Doggy Style
Girl Topless So You Can Just See Her Boobs, No Pussy
Girl In Fetish Clothing/Body Paint/Mud/Jello/Cream Of Wheat/Whatever
Girl Playing With Sex Toy
Girl Playing With Other Girl
Girl Playing With Her Ass
Girl Giving Blow Job
Girl Getting Fucked
Girl Peeing
Girl In Some Sort Of FemDom Stance/Situation
I Don't Care As Long As It's Sasha Grey
Other Thing You Perverts Like That I Didn't Think Of

Ou Est Le WC?

The bar I hang out in every night, The Vert Anglais, is fairly small. Think, a square medium sized apartment.

Every single night at least 30 people ask where the bathroom is. This drives the bar staff and I crazy.

After all, in 99 percent of the bars in the world, the bathroom is in the back. And the bar is an open square with only one door other then the one you use to enter.

So, where the fuck do they think the bathroom would be?

Seriously, if it was in some weird place, I could understand the question. But, because it's so obvious it feels like people have some primitive need to announce that they have to go, which creeps me the fuck out.