March 20th, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII

After three hours of play my initial observations.

The Good:

1. Holy fuck is it beautiful.

2. The fight control is much more like Final Fantasy X than Final Fantasy XII which is a good thing. We are back to drop down menus, which I like.

3. The multiple storylines are awesome. The way it gives you all the contrasting perspectives is amazing.

4. The enemies are really cool.

5. I like the reward system for dealing with battles quickly.

6. Dealing with shopping and your equipment is much, much more intuitive and less of a pain in the ass than Final Fantasy XII.

The Bad:

1. Holy fuck is this thing on rails. The ability to explore is essentially non existent.

2. I wish you could control your entire party, not just the leader.

3. Why no experience points? I liked being able to level up and the lack of experience points means that if the enemies drop something you don't need, or nothing at all, then the entire battle was pointless.

Honkey Tonk Women Meme

When the Rolling Stones are on tour they often add a third verse to the song that is country specific.

For example, when I saw them in France a while back they did a verse that was:

"Strolling down the boulevards of Paris.
As naked as the day that I will die.
The sailors they're so charming down in Paris.
But they just don't seem to sail you off my mind."

So, my question to you is if you could write the third verse about where you live, what would you write?

I'll do mine for Montpellier to get the thing started:

"Wandering around the streets in Montpellier
Staring at the pubs where I am barred.
The expats they're so drunken in Montpellier
But they just don't seem to drink you off my mind."

Now, it's your turn.