March 18th, 2010

Random Brainstorming

I have an idea for a short story rambling around my head. The problem is I know what I want the setting to be, I just can't figure out who I want the main character to be. So, I'm just banging the idea out here to see if it helps me or any of you peeps have any brilliant ideas.

The idea is that it's set slightly in the future and the government is trying gradually "enslave" women through their reproduction. First, abortion is outlawed. Then, they stage a fake health scare about the pill (a phony new discovery that hormonal birth control leads to some super scary disease that first makes women terrified to use it and then later justifies them taking it off the market.) Then, secretly taking control of the condom manufacturers and sabotaging just enough condoms so that people stop trusting them. Then, giving out inaccurate birth control information to teens to encourage behavior that would likely lead to many and eventually most women becoming pregnant in their teens. Finally, employing methods of peer pressure on young girls to be both sexually active and to get pregnant (for example secretly paying some teen girls or women to "talk" their friends into having unprotected sex with their boyfriends.) Television reality shows about how wonderful it is to be pregnant at 14 or 15, etc...

The end game for the government: To keep women out of the workplace, so that there are more jobs for men and the unemployment rate seems very low. To enslave women to a state of constant pregnancy so they don't have the free time or energy to see what's happening in society. To enslave men to their jobs because they have to support the children. All in all to use reproduction to control the population.

But, what point of view should the story be told from? A girl who is trying to resist the peer pressure to get pregnant at 14 or 15? I worry that could become too much The Handmaid's Tale. The point of view of one of the girls who is paid to try to convince other girls to have babies? I worry that character would be Patrick Batemen level unlikeable? A government agent who is working with the program to make it work? Who perhaps gets sexual satisfaction over the biological enslavement of women? I think that could be fun, but end up turning the story into porn.

Any ideas?

Eat, Shit, Fuck

The trailer for Eat, Pray, Love implies that what women really want from a man is for him to fold her underwear for her.

This is great news for panty fetishists.