March 7th, 2010

Asshole Sex

Poll #1534874 Asshole Sex

Asshole Sex Is Not Anal Sex. It's When A Girl Has Sex With A Guy She Knows Is An Asshole, Just Because The Fact That He's An Asshole Turns Her On. Do Any Of You Ladies Have Asshole Sex?

Yes. All the time. Because it's so fucking hot.
Sometimes. When I'm In The Mood
I used too. But then I got bored of it.
I'm in a monagmous relationship, but if I wasn't, I would.
No. The idea grosses me out.
No. But just because I think people would judge me for it.
I fantasize about it, but never go through with it.
It's the only sex I have. If the guy isn't a jerk I don't get turned on.
Yes. But I'm trying to stop.
I want to but all the guys I know are pussies.
I'm a guy and just answering this so I can see what people put.


In the past three hours roughly four inches of snow has fallen.

This is interesting because I've been hanging out off and on in Montpellier since 1988 and while there have been fluries there has never been accumulation before.

It's also weird because it was so warm this morning that I had all my windows open and my heat turned off.

Now that the blizzard has happened, that has clearly changed.