March 6th, 2010

American Beauty

So, when I was talking to my mom tonight it came up that I'll be going back to Madrid next week.

She asked me why, since I'd been there just about seven weeks ago.

I told her it was because I thought The Garden Of Earthly Delights is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

She said she found this hard to believe since she's never heard of the Garden Of Earthly Delights and she knows I've seen the Mona Lisa.

I assured her that The Garden is more beautiful than the Mona Lisa and The Scream combined. And that I find it more beautiful than any woman, building or song I've ever been exposed to.

It's the only thing, I told her, that I think is close to perfection.

So, she asked me to email an image of it to her.

I found the best online version I could.

Then I sent it to her.

I wonder what she'll think.

Rome Girl Amuses Me

She sent me an IM yesterday noting that (a country I can't remember) has made it illegal for convicted sex offenders to get IVF treatment.

Her comment: "You have to have a lot of patience to try to grow your own victim."


I went to the English language bookshop today to buy some trashy pulp fiction.

I didn't realize that right at the time I went there would be a lecture/book signing by the author of this book.

I felt the way a woman would feel if she stumbled into a lecture by a Pick Up Artist Dude.

Straight Shooter

Poll #1534653 The Wad

Ladies, the last time you had sex, where did the guy cum?

In a condom.
In your vagina
On the sheets
In your mouth
On your stomach
On your tits
On your face
On your bush
On your feet
On your legs
On your shoes
On your stockings
On your hair
In or on the girl you were having a threesome with
In or on the dude you were having a threesome with