March 3rd, 2010

Closet Case

Why do people write in to advice columns with such oblivious questions?

In this case a girl writes in saying that her boyfriend won't go down on her. She finally asks him why and he tells her it's because he doesn't like to look at vaginas because he thinks they are gross and ugly.

Now, seriously, why in the world would you keep dating someone who thinks that the genitals of your gender are too gross to even look at?


Because our cleaning lady is at the apartment I'm currently working at the Vert Anglais.

At the moment I'm writing about herbal remedies to help your dick work better. Sitting at the table next to me is the female mayor of Montpellier.

Smoking Ads

This new French anti-smoking ad campaign just started showing up on billboards in Montpellier this week.

What are your thoughts? I think they might not have the intended effect, because wouldn't linking smoking to sex make some teens more interested in smoking?