March 2nd, 2010


In James Ellroy's Clandestine, a character looks around at the city he's been living in for most of his life and sees the weird shit around him and thinks to himself that he doesn't get why so many people are bothered by it. He decides the city is his and sums it up by saying: "My city. My wonder."

Anyway, for a while every time I've thought about "My city. My wonder" I've thought about Montpellier. But, tonight I was talking to Rome Girl about how when I go back to Madrid on March 12 I want to see more paintings than just The Garden of Earthly Delights.

She asked me why - saying that since I was happy with what I did the last times, maybe given my OCD I should just stick to the familiar.

This is what I wrote back to her:

"But you miss my point.

I want to make it "My city. My wonder."

I feel like the more (My shrink) helps me get sane the more I lose The Wonder. And that perhaps you can only have The Wonder for one place for only so long. And maybe if you live with someone you lose The Wonder for the place you both live in, because The Wonder can only happen in a place that is your own. So, I don't think The Wonder can be here anymore, but I can't live without The Wonder and maybe I need that to be in a place I just go to every couple of months and maybe part of that is seeing more. Ellis might be right when he said "The better you look the more you see."

Isn't that wonderful?"

And now you know just how pretentious I actually am.

Writer's Block: A political affair

Do you think the public has a legitimate right to know about a politician’s personal/romantic life? When, if ever, do you think a politician’s personal history is relevant to his/her ability to perform in office?

Personally, my feeling is that anyone who lacks the charisma and sense of adventure required to bang people he or she shouldn't be banging, probably shouldn't be in office in the first place. That said, being able to do shit and get away with it is also a skill a leader should have, so the ones who get caught should probably be disqualified for incompetence.

I Am A Golden God

My big client told me last night that if my work continues at the quality it has been and if his company keeps making lots of money, he might be willing to create a budget for me to hire a personal assistant in a couple of months.

The problem with this is that I'd end up using the personal assistant for anything and everything other than work.

They would open all my doors for me, screen all my calls and get me a table at Dorsia right next to Allison Poole.

Oh, and I'd have her remove all the nuts from my Snicker's bar before I ate it - by hand.