February 9th, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Was just doing the consumer reports style write ups for GPS units. When I got to the section on Best GPS Units For Motorcycles all I could think is "Shouldn't they come with a built in pistol and a place to hide your meth?"

Immature Rant

It's February 9th. Should I really be getting an email from my mom saying she just realized they never got me anything for Christmas?

And, asking me what it was I asked for because she can't remember. Oh, and by the way asking me what I want for my birthday which is this fucking Sunday when she knows it takes a minimum of two weeks for anything to get from America to France?

The only good thing is that the fact that my response to her was friendly and not along the lines of "you should eat shit and die" or that all I want is cocaine and a hooker tells me that my shrink and Xanax are doing their job.

I'm going to be 41. This shit shouldn't still bother me but it does.