February 8th, 2010

The Hurt Locker


What an incredibly mediocre film.

There is nothing bad about it, but nothing particularly good either.

It's an example of the Movie About Wars We Regret Genre. And, it's hardly the best made film in that genre. Shit, Full Metal Jacket was 10 times better and more interesting.

All the characters are so two dimensional it's astounding.

To quote Rome Girl "Fucking Saving Private Ryan was better than that!"

To which I respond: "Three Kings was better than that! And that Leo thing where he was talking to the guy at CIA headquarters on Bluetooth!"

"Yes," Rome Girl said. "That was great. In The Hurt Locker I just didn't give a shit about those guys. They were all just douchebags."

I'd like to say that if this wins best picture James Cameron should be pissed off.

But, you know who should be really pissed off if that happens?

Quentin Tarantino who actually made a revolutionary interesting war movie this year.

Drink Em If You Got Em

My birthday is Sunday, so I'm celebrating at the Vert Anglais.

Of course I know a lot of people can't come out on Sunday because they either have to work Monday or need to sex up their partners for Valentine's day. So, I figure why not make it a two night event and give Jody, Nick and Sarah as much business as possible.

Therefore I'll be birthday binging both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Remember, this is Montpellier - the gay capital of France - so you don't have to be afraid to come out!

Also - for the squeemish - I promise not to get naked and dance on the bar tables this year.


All the LJ generated ads today are for a Brazilian lesbian dating site.

I haven't even written about lesbians in weeks!

WTF is up with the LJ ad algorithm?

Strange Spam

Subject Line: Leave Her Snatch Deserted

Body copy: And she will worship your unique abilities!
I'd never click on the link, but I do wonder what they are selling. The subject line suggests they could be going for gay porn or porn about simply going down on a woman.

The body copy makes me think it's for some penis pill, but it doesn't specify what unique abilities, so it could really go anywhere.

The Who Superbowl Halftime Show

Pete certainly looked good and was having a good time.

But, what the fuck was up with Roger's voice? My best guess is that there was something wrong with the onstage monitors and he couldn't hear what he sounded like - because I've seen fairly recent footage of The Who and his voice hasn't broken that much. My only other guess would be that whomever was mixing the sound for video output was fucking up.


Because we are cold and haven't been out together in a little while I'm taking Rome Girl here for dinner.

Grilled meat and potatoes = warm fuzzies.

Fucking With The Internet

Recently one of Canada's oldest history magazines, The Beaver, decided to change it's name because it was getting blocked by search engine filters that assumed it was a porn site.

They changed their name to "Canada's History."

This amused Stephen Colbert who challenged his viewers to make the phrase "Canada's History" have an even dirtier connotation than "beaver." He told them to do so on their blogs, on news sites and most particularly Urban Dictionary.

They have done so and the results are beyond amusing.