February 7th, 2010

Groundhog Day

Rome Girl and I watched Groundhog Day tonight.

I've seen this film a bazillion times and I still laugh out loud at parts of it.

But, you know what I realized tonight?

It only works because Bill Murry is in it. You need someone who is a bit naturally misanthropic.

Imagine if Tom Hanks was in that role? It would be the worst, most annoying movie ever!

The only other person I can imagine in that role is Kevin Spacey.

But, then it wouldn't really be a comedy. It would be creepy as hell, because you'd be like "fuck, this creepy weird guy is going to use all this information to get in her pants."

Which is what Bill Murray does, but because Bill Murry isn't creepy it doesn't bother you the way it would if it was Spacey.

If Spacey was in the role it would give people nightmares and it would be compared to Looking For Mr. Goodbar.

The Road

I've never read any Cormac McCarthy before but the bookstore had a copy of The Road on sale for six euros today.

So far I'm deeply unimpressed. His word choice and sentence structure (if you can call things that don't bother to have nouns or verbs "sentences") seem really annoying and pretentious. Man, does he love extraneous adjectives.

I don't get what he's trying to do at all. At about 35 pages into it, we have a weird mixture of The Stand and The Postman all told as almost an homage to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

I hope it either gets better soon or he at least tells me if it was nukes or solar flares that started this shit.

No Knee Pads

A thread on a friend's blog makes me think that men and women who are not into giving oral sex should come with warning stickers so the rest of us know not to date them.

In fact, I think they should have their own separate dating sites to keep them out of the mainstream dating pool.

I do notice that getoffyourknees.com is available.

I could start a business. The tagline could be "Don't give head! Just come to bed!" or "That's what she said: I don't give head!"

Men Are From Mars Women From Venus

Rome Girl's comment while proofreading my current porn project:

"This is a manual about how to be mean to people. If I was the husband and my wife did that to me, I'd just sit in the corner and think about how mean she was."