February 4th, 2010


On Elance today there was a job listing looking for writers who are familiar with the male escort industry.

Since I've written for the male escort industry for years I sent them a note asking what they were looking for and what their budget is.

Imagine my surprise when I got this link.

They are a Canadian company and want to market their male escorts exclusively to women. This surprises me. With the exception of that one dude who just signed on at the Bunny Ranch, I've never seen that before. Sure, there have always been a few freelance gigolos who market themselves to divorcees and older women, but I've never seen an agency where that was the entire focus of their marketing niche.

What do you guys think. In this economy are there enough women willing to pay $875 to spend a night with a professional man out there? Will this be a trend? If so, is it empowering to women?

The Drunk Ex Pat Writer wants to know, on the QT and very, very hush, hush...