February 3rd, 2010

Scenes From A Relationship

The Setting: Checking my email in between episodes of Deadwood.

The Action: Getting a Google alert about these recent photos.

The Dialog:

Me: "Wow. Look at these recent photos of PIL. Can you believe how almost respectable he looks?"

Rome Girl: "He looks like John Lydon's little brother."

Me: "Um, you realize that is John Lydon."

Rome Girl: "Oh. Well he looks much skinnier than usual."

Me: "You know John Lydon is the lead singer for PIL, right?"

Rome Girl: "Yes. Of course."


Deep Thoughts

I'd love to put up a personals ad on Alt.com saying that I'm looking for a lesbian asexual dwarf interested in play in the Gor universe just to see what kind of responses I'd get.

More Ranting

The MAC wasn't ready yesterday when the Apple Store promised it would be and they didn't bother to call her.

So, she went down to the Apple Store and they told her they are still waiting for a part they hope will show up tomorrow and will get back in touch with her then. Also that the repair will cost 390 euros ($544.)

I just looked at the Best Buy website and saw what I could get her in the form of a new laptop for $550 and wanted to start pounding my head against my desk.

I don't know why this bugs me so fucking much. Her camera broke three weeks ago and if she wanted to spend 400 euros on a new camera it wouldn't bother me at all. But, something about this just feels like setting money on fire.

Plus, the fact that they didn't even bother to call her makes me think that the people at the store suck and doesn't give me warm fuzzy feelings about the quality of their repair work.

I promise to stop bitching tomorrow.


I'm trying to post my joke lesbian dwarf asexual Gor ad on New York Craigslist, but the system requires me to give them a New York area cell phone number where they can text a code number to to verify that I'm human.

Anyone want to help a brother pull off this prank?

Irony Rules

One of my clients wants me to write a buying guide to laptops tomorrow.

Rome Girl proofreads all my work.

I can not wait to see how many in-joke digs about MACs I can work into this fucking thing.

It will be more fun than trashing Hall & Oates.