February 2nd, 2010

General Rant

We are waiting to hear back from the Apple Store for them to confirm they have fixed Rome Girl's MAC and to find out how much it's going to cost.

Rome Girl brought it in when I was in Madrid and didn't pay complete attention to the guy and so she only knows that the repair price was 300 euros and something. This means it could be 399 or 301 which is a huge difference.

The whole thing irrationally annoys me. We spent over 100 euros in December upgrading the RAM on the thing because it was too slow. Now, we are throwing even more money into a three year old laptop.

There are PCs available for about 350 to 450 euros that have more RAM, features and everything than her current computer so I don't understand at all why we are bothering to fix this thing.

The response from Rome Girl is "It's a MAC and I don't want a PC."

Which is something I will accept because I figure you have to let a carpenter choose his or her own tools.

Still it makes no sense to me at all. Further fueling my grumpiness is that a friend of mine's iPhone has died four times in the course of three months, I have another friend whose iPhone has died twice in four months and several friends who have had their various iPod type devices die due to power source issues (which is exactly what's wrong with Rome Girl's MAC) so I'm not in the mood to believe the "MACs are more reliable" argument.