January 28th, 2010


Ok. The first episode is really good.

I just hope the show doesn't end up letting me down the way Battlestar Galatica did.

Random Note

Whenever I listen to "Fall To Pieces" I feel like the music should stop for a second at roughly the 2.4 minute mark so Slash can say "Sorry, but I'm about to blow your mind with this guitar solo."

State Of The Union?

So, how did it go over?

The Internet is being no help at all in figuring out if Obama accomplished what he needed to accomplish in the speech.

A search of Google news essentially spits back "No more don't ask don't tell and we are going to get you jobs" and then has a ton of stories about Apple's new moneysuck.

Did the speech show that he finally understands he has to stop being bipartisan and start being a bully to get shit done or was it more of him living in some mad J.J. Abrams created delusional world where it's possible to work with republicans on legislation?

Also - did he take time out to explain the Smoke Monster or what "the numbers" are all about?