January 19th, 2010

Up In The Air

"I know you've become such a coward that you'll grab at any lousy excuse to get out of killing your pipe dreams. And yet, as I've told you over and over, it's exactly those damned tomorrow dreams which keep you from making peace with yourself. So you've got to kill them like I did."

Eugene O'Neill

Mini Review of Up In The Air: 45 percent Death of a Salesmen, 45 percent The Iceman Cometh and 10 percent romantic comedy.

The 90 percent that is a mashup of Miller and O'Neill is great. The 15 minutes tacked into the middle so that they had something fun to stick in the trailer is pointless.

Still 90 percent nihilism/death analogy is more than most commercial American movies are willing to go for, so no harm no foul.

Unless the Academy decides that the Mandela movie gets the nod for subject matter alone it will be Up In The Air Vs. Avatar for Best Picture.

Which means a battle between seriously topical analogy vs. holy fucking shit pretty special effects how the fuck did they film that.

An interesting fight.

Writer's Block: Rotten tomatoes

What is the worst movie you've ever seen? Did you sit through it or walk out? What made it so dreadful?

Forrest Gump. I made it to the end hoping that there would be something redeeming in it.

What made it the worst was that it was patronizing self aggrandizing crap about the Baby Boomers with a seriously evil right wing underlying theme.

The English Patient is a close second, followed by Chariots of Fire.

I was also not a huge fan of Frankenhooker, because they had a great idea for a premise, but didn't have the skills to execute it properly.

Bad Cosmo Advice

According to Jezebel, this month Cosmo advises women to "knead his testicles after he orgasms."

Women, let me be clear - NEVER EVER EVER DO THIS.

Shit. I don't want anything near my junk right after I've cum and I don't want my testicles "kneaded" ever.

Just and FYI.

Lost Boy

Is it even fair to call this a Blind Item?

"This A list television star has a bit of a drinking problem. More than a bit, but it definitely isn't blind item worthy. What is though is that while drinking our actor loves to switch teams. Get him drunk and he shifts from women to men in a flash. One of his favorite places for a quick hookup is a bar in New York he frequents which closes down just for him and his friends."


Hmmmm give me 24 hours and I might be able to think of an A-list television actor who is filming in New York who is famous for having both a drinking problem and getting wasted in gay bars. Just give me 24 hours to think of the name...