January 18th, 2010

Writer's Block: Online relationship shopping

How do you think online dating has changed the way people meet and form relationships? Do you think it's increased or diminished the superficial emphasis placed on looks and financial status?

I'm not that good looking and when I as online dating I was dirt poor, but it still got me laid.

If anything, I think online dating makes it easier for normal people to get laid, because it allows them to show off things other than a good line or nice pair of pants in a bar when they are on the hunt.

Not A Translation Post For Once

But it's 2:30 p.m. in Europe which, I think means it's like 4:30 a.m. or something in Los Angeles and Courtney Love is currently shopping on eBay for shoes and asking people on her twitter what they think of the ones she's interested in.

For the record here are they ones she's tweeted about.




And these.

In the middle of this she posted this tweet which needs no translation:

"YA GET IT IM OBSESSED WITH LOTUS SLIPPERS! enough sorrt imtweetingupa strome today you guys mind if i share the ebay watching stuff OPINions"

UPDATE: Three hours later and she's still eBay shopping. Now she's thinking about buying this bed.

Here's what she has to say about it:

MAGNIFICENT TITANIC REPLICA BED,SO BEAUTIFUL&ELEGANT! http://shop.ebay.com/160394298643 ok once in a while something CRaZybeaUtiFUL!yEs?yes

take alook at that bed tell me if you could walk its the most gorgeous thing ive evr seen and i have seen some gorgeous things ahh vote!YES!

Travel Check Off List

Getting ready to go to Madrid for a long weekend on Friday.

Just completed my ownline check in and printed out my boarding pass.

On Saturday I dropped off my sports jackets and nice shirts off at the dry cleaners. Will pick them up tomorrow.

Later today will put my pants in the wash so they have time to dry by Thursday when I'll need to pack them.

Have printed out directions to my hotel.

Have billed my big client so hopefully will get paid before I leave.

Still need to schedule a haircut/beard trim.

Meanwhile James Ellroy will be at the bookshop around the corner on Wednesday!

I'm totally going to try to talk him into grabbing a drink at the Vert Anglais. He'll say no, but I'll still try.

This could be the best week ever!

Nerd Poll

Should I give Caprica a chance when it premiers this week or should I remember exactly how bitter and angry the last season of Battlestar Galactica made me and say "fuck it, I'm never trusting these bastards again?"