January 17th, 2010


France looks like they may soon be the first country to get seriously hard core about people downloading television shows and movies - going to the level of blocking sites that have torrents on them.

This is obviously stupid and won't help artists get paid at all. New sites will appear more quickly than the French government can block them. Beyond that, people will just use IP masking software to hit the sites. Seriously, I'll just switch my IP address to some place in Congo and the French government can fuck off.

If you want to seriously lessen piracy, it's the networks and studios that have to take action.

First off, make all your shows available for download as soon as they air - with the commercials still in them. I would much rather downloaded a show from an actual network site where I know it's virus free than from krazykollegetorrentzappiratefreakazoid.com.

Secondly, have DVDs of movies in the stores the day they come out in the theater. I love seeing movies when they come out, but around here the only ones they'll play in English are what they consider "Art Films." This tends to mean that the only films that play here in English that I want to see are by Tarantino or Scorsese.

If they were in English, however, I'd go see them in the theater. And, tickets at the theater are 9 euros each, meaning I have to spend 18 euros to go to the movies with Rome Girl. If there were DVDs available of the films for 19 euros, I'd buy them instead of pirating them and having the choice of either seeing them slightly out of focus or waiting up to a year for them to come out on regular DVD.

Bottom line - make it as easy and fast for me to pay for the content as it is to get the content for free and I'll pay for the content. But if you give me the choice of having to wait months and months to pay for the content or get the content right away for free, I'll choose getting it right away for free.

Wish I Was There

Somehow I got approved to view Courtney Love's private twitter account.

This means I don't have to fucking steal her tweets from Jezebel anymore.

I'll do a new translation, but it also let me to see the pictures she posted from a surprise gig at a small club earlier this week.

Man, what I would have done to have been there.