January 8th, 2010

A Cuppa

Here's my prediction for 2012 and why the democrats shouldn't worry at all about the midterm elections.

During the midterms the GOP is going to fuck itself in the ass while the insane part of the party they took advantage of to get press coverage this year tries to influence the nomination process. This will cause them to lose races that they should win (either because they cave and put out whackjob candidates, or they try to put up reasonable candidates and the looneies put up independent candidates and split the right wing vote.)

This will cause the RNC to try to distance itself from the clinically insane. In response they'll break off from the GOP and start the Tea Party.

The Tea Party will put up Palin as their candidate in 2012. The GOP will put up someone sane - Elizabeth Dole comes to mind - and once again the right wing vote gets split and Obama gets another 4 years by default.

If Palin outperforms the GOP candidate, the GOP then dies and in 2016 we get a Tea Party candidate (unless he's been caught banging men, this will probably be Beck) running against Hillary.