January 7th, 2010

Montpellier Doctor Madness

Well, they've taken the brass shingle off my doctor's office, which makes sense since he was supposed to retire last month.

Instead there is a chalkboard with faded writing on it that may either be the name of his replacement or random graffiti.

I hope there is a doctor working there, because I have roughly four days of Not Go Crazy Pills left. I want to go there because I do know that a doctor bought his practice, so the new one would have my records and I wouldn't have to go through a huge song and dance to get my pills.

But, I guess I won't know until I ring the bell and see if anyone answers.

I'm Healthy!

My doctor's replacement has yet to set up shop so the pharmacy sent me to the other doctor in our neighborhood for my Not Go Crazy Pills prescription.

Her office was going nuts. As she told me later everyone gets sick after the holidays and she wasn't exactly prepared for a rush of not only all her patients but all my doctor's patients as well.

So, I had to sit over two hours in her waiting room. Once I saw her, I realized I know her, in that "hey, how are you" kind of way that happens in neighborhoods. We caught up on some general quartier gossip and then she gave me an exam.

It turns out I have the blood pressure of an athlete. She asked me if I play football. My blood pressure results always astound Rome Girl and I given that I drink and smoke every day and eat pork chops and bacon as much as possible.

The good news on all this is that I've now had two doctors tell me that my occasional chest pains are simply panic attacks and that my heart rate and blood pressure are in tip top shape.

Go Team Me!