December 31st, 2008

I'll Give Up My Cigs If You Give Up Your Car

Reading this article about the supposed dangers of "third hand smoke" has really got my dander up.

The smoke nazis have won - why the fuck do they still want to fuck with us? We can't smoke at work, in bars, in restaurants, in night clubs or any place the fuck near them.

Now, they want to make us not be able to smoke even if they are not around. The theory of "third hand smoke" in this article is that if you smoke in your own home with nobody around it could still effect the health of someone who comes into your home hours, days or weeks later.

Of course they put this warning of "it's for the children" because one day you might theoretically have a baby in your house and that kid could get sick from a cigarette you smoked IN YOUR OWN HOME days or weeks before.

Blow me. This is just paranoid thought police bullshit designed to sell more packages of Nicorette Gum. And it's the straw that broke the camels back as far as my tolerance for anti-smoking people.

Let's just talk about "second hand smoke" for a minute. Yes, if I am on the street smoking and you walk by my smoke might get on your clothes and make them smell and you might inhale a small amount of toxins. You might say it's not fair that my choices make you stink and bring minor amounts of poison into your body.

Fine, but if that's the case, whey should I accept your choices doing the same thing to me? I don't drive a car or ride in cars ever, but I bet most non smokers do.

And you know what, those cars, busses, taxis and trucks are spwewing out a lot more toxins than my cigarettes ever will. Car exhaust makes my clothes smell. Why should I have to put up with your second hand combustion engine emissions?

Plus, your use of automobiles is fueling two horrible wars and propping up awful nation states that allow the abuse of women. My use of cigarettes simple employs a bunch of people in the Carolinas and keeps your income taxes lower than they would otherwise be.

Beyond that cars cause the deaths of 10s of thousands of people a year - many of whom are innocent bystanders!

So, here's the deal - you give up polluting my air with your death machines and I'll put away my Gauloises.