December 30th, 2008


Last night the Internet was half broken. CNN, Google and Cuckold Place loaded up fine, but LJ, Drudge, Gawker, Nerve and were all down.

How does that happen?

On Sale Now!

The Germans have finally found a way to make me (and I suspect a lot of other men) actually look forward to going shopping.

It's called the "Sexy Shopping Bag."

Essentially it's a bag that looks like you are holding onto the nether regions of a girl walking next to you.

That's better than any sale I've ever heard of!


Mission Impossible 4

While I was sleeping, someone leaked the script for the long awaited Tom Cruise vehicle, Mission Impossible 4.

As it starts out evil Lord Xenu is building a secret Truth Star on the lot of the abandoned Dreamworks Studio. This evil weaponry is designed to zap the minds of entire cities and make the inhabitants reject Scientology as an obvious scam.

Tom Cruise knows he must defend the Scientology Rebellion and defeat Xenu's nefarious plans.

From their fortress on the Ice State Alaska, Tom and Princes Katie gather all of the forces of Scientology together in order to plan their attack.

Mustering all of the power of the Thetans, Tom confronts Lord Xenu at the Truth Star's secret hiding place.

All will be shocked when during the climatic battle sequence Xenu exclaims "Your father, I am your father" before using his Theta Blaster to give Cruise a bad haircut.

Meanwhile Princess Katie will be flying by in the Scio-Copter fighting an army of well armed and angry psychiatrists who have encased Lady Oprah in carbonite in an attempt to sell her to the evil Harvey "The Hutt" Weinstein.

I don't want to give away the ending...