December 25th, 2008

Christmas Eve

In was really warm for this time of year yesterday afternoon so Rome Girl and I decided to wander around town so she could take pictures. The Place de la Comedie has a really neat giant metal Christmas Tree up that she took a bunch of photos of. We also looked at the giant decorations that are up everywhere and the enormous lines at Virgin Records.

The weirdest thing we saw was this skater boy shop that was selling six packs of Budweiser with giant skull and crossbones over the package. It was part of some promotion for a movie Budweiser is sponsoring. The best part is that the move claims to star "everyone." Unfortunately, the way the six pack was set up in the display we couldn't get a good picture.

Then we stopped over at the Vert Anglais. They were closing up but invited us in with The Iceman and Hippy IT Boy for a holiday "lock in." We hung out upstairs with everyone and had some cocktails.

For some reason someone had brought a brand new inflatable sex doll. So, of course, we all took turns fingering and licking its every orifice. At one point one of the bar owners and I pretended to fingercuff it.

"This is very different from hanging out with my gays in Italy," Rome Girl said.

Then Rome Girl and I went home and fooled around. While she was lazing in the bed afterward I made pasta with chicken, white truffle oil, pesto and hot peppers.

When it was ready, we plonked down on the couch and watched Zombie Strippers and then several episodes of Without A Trace.

Rome Girl was unimpressed with Zombie Strippers. She felt it was trying to be too many things - a gratuitous sex and violence film, plus political commentary plus super intellectual mock on the human condition. She said she thought it was a great idea that would have worked better as a YouTube video.

Personally I still love the thing and this was the first time I saw a DVD rip of it instead of a cam version. Jenna Jameson reading Nietzsche after she's been killed and brought back from the dead and saying "This makes so much more sense now" is classic.

I think the film also has to say alot about how women become more and more objectified the more a society represses sexuality. After all, these women voluntarily die just for a chance to express themselves sexually. And the men still go crazy for their bodies even as they are rotting, simply because they are behaving sexually in front of them.

Also, Jenna Jameson still looks great. Yes, I know this is objectification on my part, but fuck it, the film is called Zombie Strippers.

Today we are going to take it easy. I think that in the afternoon we are going to see that new Clooney film by the Cohen Brothers.

Christmas Guessing Game

The following photo was taken when Rome Girl was young and fairly famous. Also in the photo is a picture of a friend of hers who eventually became very famous.

Can you pick out which one is Rome Girl and which one is the girl who became famous (and who she is?)

Hint, this girl was still a girl and not an adult when she became famous.



There was a bum standing outside one of the few cigarette stores open this afternoon asking people as they walked in if they would give him a cigarette.

Strangely, he was not asking these people for cigarettes when they walked out of the Tabac.