December 18th, 2008


My building has a spiral staircase.

When I came home tonight I was almost home when my upstairs neighbor ran down the staircase at light speed.

Not his fault, but he caught me at just the right angle and I got tossed down a story and a half.


I'm essentially fine. My right thumb is mysteriously split open which is weird since I don't think it hit the ground. My knees and elbows hurt like shit but that makes sense.

I also lost my glasses for like two hours, but then when I was looking for them my ground floor neighbor came out and said "are these yours?"

Apparently they'd gotten knocked under his door.

They are way bent but I suspect that the eyeglass place will bend them back into shape.

Deep Thoughts

Fucking up your right thumb will really make you realize how often you use your space bar.

I wonder if I can sell today's client on an ad campaign where all the words run together.

I commented to Rome Girl that I'm getting used to typing without the thumb and she said that I'm moving backwards in evolution.


I find it interesting that on the Bad Music site that Twain and I are doing, Hall & Oates is the one entry that is still getting angry responses.

Someone actually sent a message today saying they wanted to fly to the UK and beat him up/decapitate him/throw his head in the Hudson River.

She noted that she's a "classy broad."

This is weeks after the entry was posted.

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

I have decided to start my own business in Las Vegas. My business idea is called "Breakin Stuff". I want to open a store where people can go and break stuff in a controlled environment.