December 12th, 2008

Writer's Block: Full Moon Fever

It's the full moon today. Almost every culture has its share of lunar lore, from werewolves to lunacy to true love. Do you believe that the full moon affects our behavior or do you think it's a myth?

It affects my appearance but not my behavior. Yes, I grow hair all over my body and have an unrelenting desire to stalk prey, but I ultimately behave the same way in wolf form as I do when I'm human.

Bitched Out

Hannah's Bitches came in second place at the Vert Anglais pub quiz last night.

That said, two of the questions we got "wrong" were questionable.

One of them was "who originally performed Whiskey in the Jar?"

I argue that the question is unanswerable because the only possible response is "Some paddy in the 1600s."

I forget the other one we argued about.

That said, one of the ones we got right was also incorrect. The question was "Who was Tom Cruise first married to?"

We gave the response they wanted, "Mimi Rogers", but I think the real correct answer is "John Travolta."

The Dorito

According to Fleshbot the Brazilian is now passe.

The new pubic hairdo that all the cool chicks are wearing is "The Dorito."

"Absolutely," agrees April Barton, stylist extraordinaire and owner of Suite 303, the salon in New York's notorious Chelsea Hotel. "The new rule of thumb is: When you lift your leg, there shouldn't be any hair below the crease. Keep it clean in the back. And in the front, trim the hair right before its natural curl." She likens the look to a more trimmed, 21st-century version of '70s pubes: the tailored bush."

So, tell me ladies - which one of you has the coolest curlies in town?

And boys, what do you think of the new style? A treat to eat or a bushy battle?

The Drunk Ex Pat Writer wants to know, on the QT and very, very hush hush...