December 7th, 2008


I always find it harder to get work done when Rome Girl isn't here.

I think that somehow her being in the other room provides me with organization and structure.

Writer's Block: Legends of Rock

There are a few concerts that go down in musical history—Altamont, Woodstock, Live Aid, the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds tour—as legendary experiences. What live show stands as legend in your own experience?

Tiffany at the Bergen Mall in Paramus, New Jersey.

It was the beginning of a new era of happy, yet elegantly constructed musical styles, that ended the popularity of mere wannabe acts like The Who, The Rolling Stones, U2 and Metallica.

She proved that people could be uplifted by the power of young girl's raw talent, spunk and willingness to challenge people's musical expectations. And who could forget the sheer artistry of her breakout hit, "I Think We're Alone Now."

That concert changed popular music forever and saved us from having to endure more years of the talentless wasteland that was music from 1964 until her debut.