December 4th, 2008


I had a dream last night that I went home to visit my parents and when I got there my ex-wife's parents were visiting them.

In the dream I was wearing an Armani suit and gold Rolex. Her parents told me that they'd lost their house, their jobs and all their savings in the recent economic downturn.

Then, I started telling them how much money I'd paid for the suit and the Rolex and told them I'd be happy to give them $50 to wash my car. Also, I started bitching about how much taxes the government takes out when you make more than $250,000 a year.

Apparently, I'm a petty, vindictive man in my dreams.

That said, in real life they did pressure my wife to leave me because I didn't make enough money and the last thing my wife said to me when she left was "call me when you can afford the lifestyle I deserve" so maybe this is just some unresolved issues.

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Slash And Burn

When I was doing the dishes last night a glass broke and cut up the middle finger of my right hand just below the tip.

Do you have any idea what a pain in the ass it is to type when the middle finger of your right hand is cut?

Bad Music

Over at Bad Music UK US twain is attacking Hall and Oats.

He's also accusing me of shooting fish in a barrel with my attack on Wang Chung, so at some point this weekend I'm going to strike back by explaining why Led Zeppelin are some of the most useless twats ever to record music.

Rage Against The Machine

So I was talking today with my shrink about the dream where my ex wife's parents ended up poor and I ended up rich and it got me onto the track of my general rage against so many of the Baby Boomers I've met in my life.

"And the thing about her parents," I said. "Is that they were all about smoking pot and being peace and love hippies and shit, but then when it came down to it they wanted their girl away from me because I didn't have enough money. That's up there with the Cute Beatle singing "Money can't buy me love" and then refusing to give his one legged ex-wife a reasonable divorce settlement. I fucking hate these people. This is an entire generation that was mostly raised by two parent families, got to smoke all the dope they wanted and had all sorts of free love. Then they raised my generation in divorced families, created mandatory sentencing law for drugs and introduced AIDS into the population so we couldn't get to fuck the way they did. And they wonder why we ended up being nihilists. Of course Generation X was nihilist. We saw first hand how fucked up most people who claim to believe in shit are. We had to grow up watching TV shows and movies about how fucking great their generation was and then come home to the reality of how much they sucked. They fucked us. They fucked us good."

"How oedipal of them," she replied.