November 30th, 2008


Rome Girl did a day trip to Barcelona yesterday, because her aunt is on a cruise and was going to be in that port for the afternoon.

I thought it was a bit silly to travel three hours each way to see her aunt for three hours (talk about a long day) but it ended up being totally worth it, because her aunt gave her cream of wheat, juicy fruit gum, Cheetos, Aleve and cheerios!

Plus, Rome Girl was able to buy me a week's worth of cigarettes for less than half what they cost here.

Happy day!

On the downside, Rome Girl is going to Rome for two weeks or so starting Tuesday - so send me porn to keep me entertained please!



One of the odd things about living in a city with a seriously high gay population is that there are a shitload of stores that sell nothing but expensive men's underwear.

Seriously - I can think of five stores off the top of my head within a two minute walk of my pad that have their windows filled with manties that cost about 50 euros a pair.

What this has led me to realize is that rich gay men don't wear boxers.

Seriously - in the windows of these stores there are usually about 50 pairs of various bikini style men's underwear (usually variations of black with aggressive patterns on them) and then maybe two pairs of boxers.

We were discussing this in the bar the other night and someone (I honestly forget who) had a theory. He (or she) had heard that there were many more bottoms than tops in France - so perhaps the bottoms wear the bikini style and the tops wear the boxers.

I doubt we'll ever find out - because it would be pretty awkward to go up to gay dudes and ask them if they were tops or bottoms and what type of underwear they were wearing.

But, it might make an interesting culture studies thesis.


While waiting for the tram tonight there was a homeless dude, with a bottle of wine, going up to people and asking if he could bum an aspirin.

I've never had that happen before.