November 21st, 2008


Hannah's Bitches came in second place at the Vert Anglais Pub Quiz last night!

That's our best result ever!

Rock on with your cock on bitches!

Writer's Block: Crepuscular Drama

The Twilight movie comes out today. A lot of people are really excited about seeing Bella and Edward on the big screen. Others couldn't care less. Where do you fall on the issue?

I think it's cool. Us adult vampire fans have True Blood, with all its kink and nastiness, why shouldn't Christian kids have a child friendly vampire romance to get excited about?

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

I am writing a book on starting and running a business by relating the steps to Moses from the Bible.
I have the chapters and my ideas written out already.

Writer must be able to make deductions from the life , trials and victories of Moses from birth to the pharaoh, the plagues, the red sea crossing, 10 commandments and death.

Taking It Up The Ass

I finally got around to watching the South Park clip where they have George Lucas and Steven Speilberg literally raping Indiana Jones and the Star Wars characters.

It got me thinking - what the fuck is wrong with these dudes that they can't make a decent Indiana Jones or Star Wars movie? How fucking hard can it be? They have all the money in the world and access to legions of geek fan boys who would be happy to tell them exactly what they want to see.

It's like they are willfully clueless.

For example, I won't watch the animated Clone Wars television show, even though I'm a huge Star Wars geek and many Star Wars fans feel the same.

Yet, George Lucas seems to think that the problem is that people don't want to see animated Star Wars stuff.

No, George, that's not the problem. The problem is that the show is set when Anakin Skywalker and Palpatine were good guys.

Guess what? Nobody gives a shit about Anakin or Palpatine when they were good guys. Fuck that shit.

We care about Anakin and Palpatine when they were bad ass motherfuckers. Make an animated show that involves the two of them going around the universe hunting, torturing and killing Jedis and I'll watch every motherfucking episode.

And, any fanboy would do the same.

Hell, have them kill Ewoks and members of whatever race spawned Jar Jar and you might win some fucking Emmys.

Is this really that hard to understand?

French Fashion Upate

In addition to the shorts with stockings thing that I talked about last week, there's another new fashion going on in town that I approve of.

It's girls wearing plaid skirts with black leggings. They don't do it with the classic green plaid skirts, so it's not a catholic schoolgirl thing. They are generally red, or blue or orange or yellow.

It's almost goth, but not quite. It just sorta screams "I am female, hear me roar!"


Never before have I prayed that someone will get raped in prison - but I'm having those thoughts about Lori Drew.

She's the bitch who created a MySpace account in order to emotionally torture one of her daughter's former friends. The girl ended up killing herself.

And, this adult woman was apparently gleeful about it.

When Lori Drew helped set up the fake MySpace account because Megan had allegedly been mean to her daughter Sarah, she bragged to her hairdresser Christina Chu about it. Chu was so upset over Drew's callousness she had to retreat to the back of the salon.

"After Meier's death, on the day of her wake, Drew showed up again to have her hair done. Chu asked Drew why she was going to the wake, given her role in the cyberbullying. Drew's response, Chu said, was, 'It's not like I pulled the trigger,'" Wired reports.

When the Drew family and Grills got word that Megan had killed herself, they got off the internet and turned on the TV. Shortly thereafter, Wired reports, "Curt Drew started yelling at them to get rid of the MySpace account. When asked what Lori Drew did at that moment, Grills said at first she sat quietly and was consoling her daughter, then she, too, started yelling at them to delete the account and told them not to say anything to anyone."