November 19th, 2008

Ready For Thursday

Tomorrow Hannah's Bitches is going to have two new members for the Vert Anglais Pub Quiz - The younger half of Woody Allen Film Reference and Ed Ward.

Hopefully this will give us a chance to climb out of fourth place.

Plus, the two sisters have suggested that their might be mud wrestling.

I Don't Get It

So, as far as I can tell from the myriad of conflicting stories about Bush's recent executive order (or presidential finding, or policy change depending on the article) he's made it legal for hospitals, doctors and pharmacies to refuse to give out contraception or provide abortions if it's against their moral or religious beliefs.

What the fuck is the point of this? Won't Obama be able to write another executive order or finding or whatever in two months that will overrule it?

Does he really think that eight weeks of making the birth control pill harder to get will result in that many new Republican babies.

I mean, seriously, isn't there like only a very, very small window each month where sperm can meet egg and shake hands? To have any long lasting population effect, wouldn't you have to make birth control and abortions difficult to get for months and months?

The only result I can see from this is increased condom sales and more oral sex.

I mean, seriously, if I was in some weirdo state where I knew my girlfriend couldn't get contraception for herself for two months, I'd just do a lot more pussy eating and jerking off onto her tits than usual.

Writer's Block: Under the Tree

What gifts, big or small, are you hoping to find under the tree this year?

1. 18 year old blonde bisexual slave girls.
2. A pound of pure Bolivian flake.
3. An Abrams tank for home protection.
4. Blackmail material.
5. An extra two inches on my cock.
6. Sarah Palin in Penthouse Magazine.
7. To be appointed Secretary Of The Insane by President-elect Obama.
8. Sanity.
9. All of the bagels in the land.
10. A tazer.


Rome Girl took the day off to go shopping, drink champange with her friends and, in general, have a girly day.

So, I've been keeping up with the emails from her clients to make sure everything is on track. Yesterday she sent some draft copy for a relationship e-book off to a new client.

That client just sent her this message:

You know what...I think you thought the book was called "Filthy Secrets to a Happy Relationship" and the actual title is "Fifty (50) Secrets to a Happy Relationship".