November 18th, 2008

Recession Obsession

Some rich gays are very happy with the recession. Wanna know why?

It's because some of these dudes have fetishes for straight dudes. And, these days it's getting harder and harder for a lot of straight dudes to pay the mortgage and keep up with their mounting credit card debt.

Hence the existence of Straight Guys Are Broke - a site where rich gay tops pay out of work straight boys to let them fuck them up the ass.

Or, at least, fantasize about it.

My favorite part of the site is the picture of a dude with his hands on a cock with the thought balloon "All this to buy my girlfriend a Christmas present."

Fat Is Phat!

You guys are going to love this:

The Adipositivity Project.


The Adipositivity Project aims to promote size acceptance, not by listing the merits of big people, or detailing examples of excellence (these things are easily seen all around us), but rather, through a visual display of fat physicality. The sort that's normally unseen.

The hope is to widen definitions of physical beauty. Literally.

The photographs here are close details of the fat female form, without the inclusion of faces. One reason for this is to coax observers into imagining they're looking at the fat women in their own lives, ideally then accepting them as having aesthetic appeal which, for better or worse, often translates into more complete forms of acceptance.

The women you see in these images are educators, executives, mothers, musicians, professionals, performers, artists, activists, clerks, and writers. They are perhaps even the women you've clucked at on the subway, rolled your eyes at in the market, or joked about with your friends.

This is what they look like with their clothes off.

Writer's Block: Political Misdeeds

Today is the anniversary of Tricky Dick Nixon's famous "I am not a crook" statement. Let's take a moment to ponder the many politicians caught being naughty. What's your favorite political scandal?
When I was running Bolivia and got caught smuggling cocaine to Paraguay by hiding the drugs in the assholes of lesbian carrier pigeons. Also, the time I got drunk and forgot that we had to wait until the transport planes were actually airborne and over the Pacific before we could throw the political dissidents out of them.

Without A Cause

My shrink says the reason I've been so obsessive lately is that my freelance business finally doing really well threatens my self identity as a scrappy outsider. She's thinks I'd rather be struggling than prospering.

"You bet against the system and you won," she said. "Now you have to deal with the consequences of winning."

When I related this to Rome Girl she said, "I am so fucking ready for those consequences."

Appetite For Destruction

I keep getting Google News Alerts saying that Steven Adler wants to rejoin Guns N Roses.

As you may know, at the moment Adler is on Celebrity Rehab being detoxed from essentially every illegal substance known to man.

I'm trying to think of a worse person for a recovering drug addict to work with than Axl Rose, but I'm coming up with a blank.