November 13th, 2008

TV Tonight

Heroes: Are you really going back in time for back story filler to pad out the season? For shame.

Prison Break: Fine. You are no longer Prison Break. You are now Alias. I always liked Alias so I don't have a problem with this. Also, Rome Girl notes that Wentworth Miller is getting chubby. Perhaps he's becoming a bear. If he grows a beard, we'll know the truth.

Writer's Block: When the Boss is Away…

How do you entertain yourself when you’re bored at work?

1. Porn.

2. Playing with the cat.

3. Playing with Rome Girl.

4. LJ.

5. Gawker.

6. Writing extensive manifestos, killing airline executives and making demands of the New York Times.

7. Screaming at random women to "go out and make me money!"

8. Snorting lines of sugar and then yelling "Say hello to my little friend!" while pointing at my cock.

9. Staring at the sea. Staring at the sand.

10. Waterboarding the neighbors.

Fuck The EDF

The EDF is the name of our electric company in France. I refer to it as the Eternal Damnation Of Fire, because it is the most poorly run company in the world.

When I moved here eight years ago it was fairly simple to deal with them. Once every two months you walked down to their office in the center of town and handed them your credit card or cash and your lights stayed on.

Then, they decided that they would no longer accept cash at their office, because it might encourage robberies, so you had to give them a credit card. Fine.

Next, they decided that they would only accept French credit cards at their office. This made it a pain in the ass because as illegal aliens we don't have French cards. But, they still allowed you to pay by American card on the telephone.

In their next move, they changed the rules so that you could only pay by American credit card on the phone if your account was overdue - which meant that every two months you risked having your lights turned off. Plus, they added a weird feature where you couldn't actually talk to a person but had to go through a series of button pressing that was so complex that we needed a native French speaker to call up for us.

Today, with the help of three friends we tried to pay the damn thing over the phone so they won't turn our juice off on Monday.

Of course, we were then told that they can no longer accept payments over the phone at all - and you now have to go to their office or La Poste.

This in and of itself would have been fairly OK - except that the account is in Rome Girl's name so I couldn't do it for her and she doesn't speak much French. And, La Poste is staffed by people who are a very, very small evolutionary step from throwing feces and picking bugs off each other's backs.

Imagine if the people who flunked out of high school Vo-Tech suddenly had jobs where they could not legally be fired no matter how incompetent they were. That is La Poste.

By some grace of God, Rome Girl was able to get the payment done today, but it still pisses me the fuck off.

At least once a week I read in the International Herald Tribune that the EDF is having some sort of financial problems.

All I can think is "Of course you are having financial problems you stupid motherfuckers! If I made my clients run around me eight times, wiggle their nose and then do 10 pulls up before I'd take their money, I'd be having problems too! You want to make more money, make it fucking easier for people to pay you, you fucking dochnozzels! My cat could run a business better than you fucking fucks!"

Random Notes

1. Why is it that sometimes after a positive session with my shrink, I'm still writer's blocked for the rest of the day?

2. We are so going to do better than fourth tonight at the quiz!