November 11th, 2008

When The Dealing's Done

Sunday night's attempt at having a poker night at the Vert Anglais ended up being a disorganized mess, but we finally got our shit together and had a great series of tournaments Monday night.

The big winner was Not Longoria, who some of the dudes initially didn't want to play, because she's about 19 and they thought that she wouldn't take it seriously.

By cleaning their clocks and walking away with more than 100 euros of their cash she earned their respect. (P.S. It was my idea for her to play, because I've known her for eight years and knew she'd be cool.)

Nick the Greek made four kilos of homemade sausages so we had lots to eat and it was all night happy hour night so the beer flowed like water.

I ended up losing 20 euros, but it was 20 euros well lost.

The amusing thing for me is that afterward the dudes kept talking about how hot Not Longoria is, which is really weird for me because I've known her since she was 10 or 11 so I am completely incapable of seeing her as a woman or a sexual being.

On the other hand, I'm not used to being in a conversation with dudes about a girl and having nothing to contribute expect thinking, "Eww! Gross! She's a little kid!"

Going Straight


Straight porn designed for gay guys to watch.

As Fleshbot explains it, it's for gay men who like to watch straight boys in their "natural habitat."

So, you see guys and girls fucking, but instead of the camera angles and the copy being focused on the girl, it's all about the dude.

I'm not sure how many gay guys would actually want to see this, but it occurs to me that it might be something that straight girls might like.

Pet Peeve

I hate the way Asian girls are generally portrayed in porn.

Case in point.

It seems like they are almost always made up/dressed to seem very underage (even though their breasts make it clear that they are not.)

It's almost as though there is some unspoken connection between guys who want to look at Asian girls and pedophilia.

I find it disturbing, because I'm really not into any specific type of girl in porn - I'm happy with blonds, brunettes, red heads, Asians, whatever - but I do want them to be portrayed as adult women.

In general it sucks, because I feel like anytime I click on a Babelog link with an Asian name it's going to be pictures that are going to squick me a bit.