November 10th, 2008

French Rant

One of the French newsmagazines, Marrianne, came out with their new issue today. The cover features a picture of Obama with the phrase "La Chance Derniere."

You know what - fuck you dudes.

America is a young country and it's not like France didn't bust its own cherry hundreds of years ago.

This would be like an American magazine running a photo of The Sun King, Robespierre or Charles de fucking Gaul with the headline "The Last Chance."

Yeah, we had eight bad years, but at least we didn't have a fucking official Reign of Terror. Hell, your last president couldn't even propose two year internships without there being rioting in the streets and don't get me started on the gross ineffectiveness of the Hungarian Mini-Me who is your current leader.


P.S. I find it odd that the Firefox spell checker recognizes Robespierre but not Obama.