November 8th, 2008

Porn Trends

"Nature will find a way."
Michael Chrichton

Porn has become so popular in America and Europe that the big porn companies are worried that there is no room left for the market to expand.

So, lately they've all be brainstorming three largely untapped markets - China, India and the Middle East.

The problem is that all of these regions have strong social pressure against porn (some of the countries, in fact, will behead you for looking at it.)

This represents a challenge, since people are unlikely to enter their credit card information if they are living in, say, Saudi Arabia.

Over the past few weeks they've started to settle on a solution. It seems that these regions have tons of consumers who own pay as you go cell phones.

So, they've created technology that will allow porn consumers to use the credit on their cell phones to pay for online porn. That way, they don't have to give their names or any identifiable information. Then, as part of the subscription price they'll include software that automatically masks the URL from the site you are on - so that if you were actually looking at Bad Girls Blog it would look to anyone who was monitoring your connection like you were surfing Disney or your local newspaper.

Pretty fucking clever, huh?


Gawker is all atwitter because the New York Post managed to find a 10 year old boy who is concerned that with Obama president his parents won't be able to buy him a gun for Christmas.

Their feeling seems to be that 10 year old should not be getting guns in the first place.

My feeling is that if you are old enough to sell crack on a street corner, you are old enough to own a gun.