November 7th, 2008

Working Girls (And Boys)

Gawker is all upset today because Craigslist just changed their policies regarding people who post ads in the "Erotic Services" section.

It seems they are going to charge them a nominal fee - not to make money, really, but so they have a valid credit card on record with the person's name. The idea is that this would make it easier for law enforcement to bust call girls and rent boys who post on Craigslist.

Gawker's all worried that this will drive the sex workers "into the streets" which is silly. The type of girls and boys who rent themselves out on Craigslist have never been street corner type sex workers. It's just a matter of economics - the street people get paid far, far less than the Craiglist ones.

What it could do, I suppose, is drive the Craigslist girls into working out of the bars and cocktail lounges of tourist hotels while the boys will end up working the bars and clubs. Or, they may all end up buying ads in the Village Voice and paying cash.

Though, I suspect what will really happen is everyone will move their ads over to "Casual Encounters" which is still free and get really creative with euphemisms.

You'll suddenly see a lot of pretty boys and girls there who need "tuition assistance" or some other type of financial aide.