November 5th, 2008

The Good Doctor Would Be Happy

Four years ago, a short time before his suicide, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson wrote his last column.

It was about Kerry losing the election.

He wrote that he was tired of young people claiming they would come out to vote and then not bothering to do so at the last minute.

Hunter said he'd seen it happen in every election for his entire life and had decided that the "little bastards" would always let us down.

Man, I wish he'd been alive to see this tonight.

Maybe he wouldn't have picked up that fucking gun.


Hey Fellow Montpellier Expats!

At 7 a.m. Rome Girl and I are hitting the Vert Anglais - right outside Virgin - and buying bottles of champagne and shit.

If you are up - come on down!

The era of Americans being sober monogamous virgins is over.

It's time to get drunk and screw!

From My Design Parnter

jchampelovier (4:25:27 PM): let me put it this way
jchampelovier (4:26:13 PM): you have spent the whole of your life being hated by most french people, today is the first and only day you can basically do what the fuck you like and everyone will love you
jchampelovier (4:26:23 PM): you can quote me on that
jchampelovier (4:29:02 PM): you can get pissed out of your head come on to every woman you meet, be aggressive and insulting and wet yourself in public - and all they will say to you is GO OBAMA