November 3rd, 2008

In Nomination

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has announced its list of nominees for this year. Of these nine, only five will get in. Which five would get your vote?

Two of them don't really seem "rock and roll" to me, but then again, Madonna got in last year on her first time in nomination and it took five years of being eligible for The Sex Pistols to make it.

* Jeff Beck
* Chic
* Wanda Jackson
* Little Anthony and the Imperials
* Metallica
* Run-D.M.C.
* The Stooges
* War
* Bobby Womack

Freedom And Loathing On Remson Avenue

When the original O.J. Simpson trial was rounding up Gannett New Jersey had just transferred me from the very suburban Asbury Park Press to the much, much more urban Home News Tribune.

Because I was the new kid in the newsroom - and because I was desperate to prove myself, I either got assigned or volunteered for the assignments other reporters tried to dodge.

Therefore, the morning they announced that the O.J. verdict was going to be unveiled I got sent down to Remsen Avenue in New Brunswick to hang out in the bars and watch the reaction.

To those of you not from New Jersey, Remsen Avenue, New Brunswick, in the 1990s was as close as Central New Jersey got to Watts. At the time the cops actually advised motorists not to stop for red lights on that street at night, because your odds of getting carjacked were fairly high.

Suffice to say, I had, by far, the lightest skin of anyone in the neighborhood - but fuck it, I was young dumb and full of cum (and my bosses probably figured they'd rather lose a newbie reporter if a riot happened than an old veteran.)

So, I hung out, got strange looks, bought some dudes some beer and shots (even though it was like 10 or 11 a.m.) and waited it out.

When the "not guilty" verdict came in there was fucking mayhem - culminating with a bunch of dudes running down the street screaming "Free at last!" "Free at last!"

It was one of the stranger things I saw during 10 years of journalism.

But shit, I bet is was minor league ball compared to what will happen tomorrow night.

I almost wish I was still working for the Home News Tribune, so I could sit in a Remsen Avenue bar and get paid just to stand back and let it all be.