October 31st, 2008

Mozart Was Eight

Both halves of Woody Allen Film reference blew us off last night (although the elder has apologized via text and on the blog) so instead of being called Hannah's Bitches, our quiz team last night was named "Domestic Enemy."

The team consisted of me, Rome Girl, Hippy IT Boy, The Dirty Baker, Has Its Thorns and The Non Jewish Carpenter (who left after the first round of questions.)

We came in fifth. The two questions that defeated us were "When did Hong Kong go back to the Chinese" and "When did Mozart write his first symphony?" We were convinced that we had the right answers.

We were wrong.

We also got fucked because the photo round consisted of pictures of cars and none of us like to drive or know anything about cars.

Also, from now on any time there is a question about French speaking football players I'm going to respond "Zidane."

It's been the correct response three weeks running and we've got it wrong three week running.

So Strange

On my way to buy cigarettes this morning the cops had closed off both sides of the main street.

Then, I saw six federal cops (the type with machine guns strapped across their chests) walking down the street carrying big bags from Virgin Records.

I wonder what that was all about?


One of the big national French magazines has as their lead item this month an article titled (in French) "Why don't Americans think like us?"

You know what - fuck you dude.

All the shit the French bitch about to Americans is shit that the French themselves shat at one point or another.

You want to call us imperialists or a colonial empire? Really? Then, riddle me this, Frenchie, why the fuck do large portions of Canada and Asia speak French?

You think we start pointless wars in the Middle East? I think a few people from Northern Africa might want to have a word with you!

You want to bitch about us torturing people? Guess what? Waterboarding was invented by you dudes when you were torturing Algerian prisoners of war. Fuck, that one eyed retired general of yours brags about how he tortured Muslim motherfuckers.

You want to give me shit about the death penalty? Fuck you, you fucking fuck. At least we have yet to behead thousands of people in our town squares.

Abortion rights? You catholic fuckwits were a little late to that party as well.

So stop being short sighted xenophobes who forget their own history, or I'm going to go all Robespierre on your ass.

Why Elance Rocks!

You know, there are a lot of freelance job boards out there and people sometimes ask me why I use Elance and not the others.

The reason is simple - their customer service rocks and they actually look out for the freelancers, which is something almost no other job board does.

Case in point. Today we got a $600 payment from a client, only to be told that the money was going to be "held" by Elance for a week.

It seems that they got some sort of warning about a "new type of fraud" yesterday and were putting all payments over $500 on hold while they got a handle on it.

This would have derailed our Election Night plans, because we just gave our landlord a ton of money and the election night party is 90 euros per couple and we would have been stretching it thin.

But, I contacted Elance, explained the situation and was able to document that I was doing work for the client and not laundering money - and after they looked over my correspondence with him, immediately lifted the hold for me.

They could have easily told me to fuck off - but instead they went the extra mile and did me a solid.

Jon from Elance - you rock and are one of the reasons I will always use Elance as my primary job search tool.

Weird French Win

In France, the electric company doesn't charge you for your actual usage. They charge you for your "estimated usage" using a formula that they guard like hawks.

It's been fucking us over because their estimated use of us for the past two years has been about 261 euros every two months.

But, we just got a new bill and they've now decided that our estimated usage is 96 euros every two months.

We've changed nothing about our electric use, but somehow we are now going to be saving almost $250 every two months.