October 30th, 2008

I'm A Financial Moron

So, I knew I had to pay the rent at the end of the week and I knew that it takes two days to take the rent money out because of daily withdrawal limits.

On Monday one euro = $1.25 but I didn't take the money out because I figured the stock market would continue to tank (which is what raises the dollar.)

This morning when I took the first 300 euros out one euro = $1.31.

Total fail.

The Night He Came Home

Today I'm going to head out to buy a copy of Rob Zombie's Halloween - because I can't find a decent bit torrent version of it and it's a movie that I'd sort of like to own anyway.

My problem is that I have no idea what the fuck they call "Halloween" in French.

"Le nuit avant tous saints?"


"Le dernier jour du Octobre?"

"Le fete stupide des Etas Unis?"

"Le mec mechant dans une masque blanc?"

The mind boggles.


Geek Halloween Question

In the original Halloween by John Carpenter, Michael Meyers writes the word Samhain in blood in the house he's hiding in.

What are the odds that a suburban American dude who was taken out of his house and locked up when he was like 8 years old would know the word for the Gaelic Festival of the Dead?

Burn Through The Witches

While searching around for Halloween stuff today I discovered that Rob Zombie has released two albums I'd never heard of before.

American Made Music To Strip By


Supersexy Swingin' Sounds

They are his greatest hits remixed by him and the guys from Ramstein and Nine Inch Nails in order to turn them into "evil disco music."

I can't fucking wait to download these things! Fuck that. Rob Zombie isn't a rich rock star, he's a normal middle class dude and I'll fucking buy his albums because he deserves the money.



Halloween Present

Slash, Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie playing "School's Out For Summer" live.

It's so over the top it's almost a parody. But, it's still full of win. And it features a cameo of Quentin Tarantino.

Halloween Poll

Ok, so I've downloaded both John Carpenter's Halloween and Halloween 2 and this afternoon I bought Rob Zombie's Halloween and Stephen King's It.

Now the only question Rome Girl and I have is what order to watch the films in tomorrow night.

Do we want to do the original Halloween first, followed by Rob Zombie's version so we can see the differences? Or do we want to watch the Halloween and Halloween 2 back to back so we don't break up the continuity of the story?

Or should we throw It into the middle so we don't burn out on Michael Meyers?

Your thoughts?


Rome Girl is coming along for the Vert Anglais quiz tonight.

During the first quiz two weeks ago Hannah and her Bitches came in third place.

Last week we came in sixth place.

We are determined not to come in ninth ce soir la.