October 29th, 2008

Grumpy Old Man

I just want to say I'm really fucking tired of the presidential polls being reported nearly every fucking day.

Look, since the start of the primary season the polls have been wrong just about every fucking time. Polling methods were created when most people had land lines and before snark became a fucking national pastime.

These days most people use cell phones and only Luddites resort to landlines. Plus, people fuck with pollsters and surveys. Hell, if a pollster called me up, I'd probably tell him I was voting for Darth Sidious, just to entertain myself.

Fuck the Bradley Effect - people may be lying to pollsters just for the fun of it.

At the end of the day I didn't believe the polls that showed Obama up by double points a week or so ago and I don't believe the poll yesterday that suggests that McCain is catching up.

I think all these numbers are completely random. It's like having a dungeon master roll a 100 sided dice and then reporting the number that pops up.

At the end of the day this race is going to be decided by whether or not some elderly Jews in Florida and blue collar white workers in Pennsylvania and Ohio are really willing to vote for a black dude with a weirdo name or not.

And, nobody can predict that with any sort of accuracy.


Hello Kitty releases a line of wedding dresses.

Dudes, what's your take on this? If you were gonna get married and your lady wanted a Hello Kitty wedding dress would you run for the hills or get off on it in some kinky way or simply not give a shit?

Babes, if one of your friends decided she wanted to get married in a Hello Kitty wedding dress, what would you think or do? Find it amusing? Try to talk her out of it? Would you ever consider a Hello Kitty wedding dress?

The Drunk Ex Pat Writer wants to know, on the Q.T. and very, very hush hush...


It's A Drag

One of the frustrating parts of my life every year is that I really like dressing up and going out on Halloween and Rome Girl hates it. So, I tend to end up out partying - but feeling guilty - while Rome Girl sits at home watching scary movies.

But, this year we got lucky, because the Vert Anglais is hosting two Halloween parties, one tonight and one on Friday.

So, tonight I'm going to dress up in one of Rome Girl's wigs and get her to put on some makeup and go as slutty pregnant girl (because of my beer belly.)

Meanwhile I'm downloading Halloween and Halloween 2 by John Carpenter and Rob Zombie's Halloween for us to stay in and watch Friday night.

Everybody wins!

Deep Thoughts

It would be funny if a guy and girl were fucking while wearing Ipods and she was listening to "Short Dicked Man" while he was listening to "Baby Got Back."

Pregnant Jamie Lynne Spears

For tonight's Halloween Party at The Vert Anglais.

"I'm so glad I'm not going with you," Rome Girl said. "You look like the retarted christian girl who didn't realize that it wasn't Jesus who blessed her with a baby."