October 28th, 2008

TV Stuff

True Blood: Wow. I thought Paquin's first sex scene two weeks ago was dirty - but holy mother of fuck was tonight's Penis In Paquin scene dirty and nasty. I really think that's the most boundary crossing sex scene I've seen on mainstream American television. I remember being taken aback by the Sopranos' episode where the dude held the loaded gun to Tony's sister's head while he doggy fucked her. But, shit, this was more boundary crossing than that.

Desperate Housewives: Once again, I only give a shit about the Bree story. The rest of the stories are snoozeville, my little hepcats.

Mad Men: So, I wonder if this show will come back for a third season? They clearly don't know. This episode works well as both a season and series finale. Still good, but you can feel the actors not knowing if this is going anywhere or not. Still, mad props for hitting the abortion issue head on and the whole layoff motif could not be more timely if it tried.


I've come down with a nasty cold.

What's the protocol with going to your shrink when you are sick?

Do I still keep my appointment and risk getting her sick or do I cancel?

I almost never get sick, so this is the first time I've had to deal with this situation.

If I cancel an appointment I still have to pay for it.

Any advice?