October 25th, 2008

People Suck

The Star Ledger - the largest newspaper in New Jersey - is cutting its newsroom staff by half.

That's a sad day for the state of New Jersey, but what's even sadder is the comments people made on the story.

Just a few samples:

"The press has forfeited its right to First Amendment protections, in my opinion, by abusing its special place in American democracy. If they all go down the toilet it’s OK with me. They can begin printing again after the coming Civil War II."


"Insult everyone, feed your readers the Party line, lie through your teeth and wonder were the readers went. What do they teach these people in Journalism school besides Marxism?"


"Newspapers and TV news, no thanks. Just Democratic party hacks. Dishonest on top of that. hope all newspapers go out of business!!!!"