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October 21st, 2008

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

Hi, I need some research done on invisibility to create a "how to become invisible" manual.

The Times They Are A Changing

In what has become a new tradition, The New York Times caught yet another one of their writers blatantly lying in an article and had to run an insane correction. They say the dude made shit up to "fit his theme."

The text of the correction, behind a cut because it's way long.Collapse )

This makes me think that a great new prank/meme would be to get freelance gigs at the Times and then try to see what level of bullshit you could get through their copy desk in order to eventually be responsible for the most ridiculous correction possible.

For example, I'd love to write the story that would generate this correction:

"An article appearing in last Sunday's Times Magazine about Hollywood celebrities contained information that was skewed by our contributor, Bart Calendar, to fit his theme. While Paris Hilton did indeed make a sex tape, she has never said "I'd rather suck a Doberman's cock than lick Alan Arkin's asshole." Instead, she said "I'm thinking about getting a Doberman and appearing in a movie with Alan Rickman." In addition, Lindsay Lohan has battled drug addiction in the past, but did not say "I love shooting heroin with Milley Cyrus." Rather, the actress commented that "I'm going to be the heroine in a new movie they are shooting with Miley Cyrus." Furthermore, representatives of Tom Cruise insist that he never said "I'm a Catholic cockaholic and terrified of tasting tuna, suck my balls you bitches."

The Times regrets these errors."

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