October 17th, 2008

False Flags

The Vert Anglais did its first pub quiz tonight.

Rome Girl was out with her girls but the elder half of Woody Allen Film Reference and I put together a team we eventually called "Hannah And Her Bitches."

We spent a lot of time considering other names including "two girls one cup", "the terrorists win", "vive bin laden" and "the cake fart people."

We came in third.

We would have come in second except that my team members - all of whom were UK people - thought that Conan Doyle wrote Dr. J. and Mr H. and didn't believe me when I said it was Bobby Stevenson.

Anyway third is fine for the first night.

We are going to fucking kick ass next week!


I usually hate it when our doorbell rings - particularly on a day when I was drinking the night before and feeling poisoned in my brain - but today was a different story.

About a week ago Rome Girl and I hit up Amazon.co.uk for a lot of used shit offered by the type of vampires, scalywags and desperados who sell pre-owned crap on Amazon.

Today we got the first batch of stuff - including Lego Star Wars for the Wii and James Ellroy's The Big Nowhere.

I used to own the entire Ellroy collection, but post-divorce I ended up having to sell a bunch of books for beer and rent money - a condition Ellroy would certainly understand.

Since then most of his older books have gone out of print, which is why we scarfed up every used one we could find.

I'm so happy that this one came in today. I can't decide if I want to read it or caress it. What can I say about a book that starts off telling you to be "loyal to the nightmare of your choice."

There is such fucking dark manly poetry in these books that I can't stand it.

Rome Girl has been having her book vetted by Harper Collins type people and what they've said is that she needs to edit it so that she shows instead of tells. She asked me what that meant and while I can't explain exactly, reading the Ellroy books demonstrates it beautifully.

Consider this sentence at the start of a chapter in The Big Nowhere:

"Danny Upshaw, the station's acting watch commander, predicted that the 1950s were going to be a shit decade."

Fuck me. So much information in that sentence. You get time, place, setting, character, the whole fucking enchilada. How can you not read the sentence that follows that?

Le sigh.

I've also tested out Lego Star Wars to make sure it works. By "tested out" I mean that I went into the cantina on Tatooine and used my light saber to behead all of the people watching the band.

I'm fairly sure that's not what Obi Wan is supposed to do at the start of the game, but it was still fun.


A Personal Letter

Dear Republican Party,

Since George W. Bush has sat down to dinner in the White House with Gerry Adams, you really have no right to give anyone shit about "palling around with terrorists."

So, stop it.