October 14th, 2008

New Desperate Housewives

Ok, I've now gotten to the point where the Bree storyline is the only one I give a shit about.

The Scalvo story has gotten worse than ever. Look, Lynnette, buy him fucking Rock Band or Guitar Hero 3 and get over it.

Gabrielle with the blind husband and fat daughter is simply bad stereotyping for easy laughs.

The whole "bully" plot sucks ass too.

Which is why it's odd the Bree story remains interesting. Do they have different writers work on her plots? Does Marsha Cross simply insist on better stories for her character? Or, do the writers just like her more because she's amusingly crazy?


Ok, so the new Britney Spears video is out and both 20/20 and other stations have censored parts of it for broadcast- though interestingly MTV has no problem showing the uncensored version on their website. YouTube makes you verify your age before you can watch it.

Now, maybe Rome Girl and I have been in Europe too long, but we just watched it and can't see anything that would reasonably need to be censored in it.

She's naked in a few scenes, but shot in a way that you can't see any naughty bits.

"If that image was 500 years old, people would have prints of it up on their walls," was Rome Girl's comment.

In another scene she sits on a photocopier and Xeroxes her ass, but she's wearing underwear so the Xerox image just shows a black and white image of underwear - and presumably even the most naive American children understand that women wear underwear.

Anywhere you can see it here.

Is it safe for work? I'm not sure. It's a music video. To me it seems a shitload tamer than most rap videos I've seen, but it's not really a call I can make.


The World Is Ending

Ringo Starr says he gets too much fan mail.

So much that he will no longer accept any fan mail at all after Oct. 20.

Who are these sad, sad people that send him so much fan mail.

Also, has he never heard of a personal assistant?

Try to imagine doing something more embarrassing than sending Ringo Starr fan mail.

Being a target in Bulgarian fart bukake?

Dumpster diving?

Being the "other guy" in Wham?

Having sex with a member of the Spears family and not getting them pregnant?

The mind boggles.


I always feel weird when I end up going to my shrink on days when I'm in a good mood and things have been going well.

For so long blackness has hovered over my emotions that I'm used to ranting against the dying of the light when I'm with her.

So, now that for the moment things are going really well and my life feels like puppies and rainbows I have no idea what to say to her.