October 11th, 2008

French Humor

There is a weekly satirical newspaper in France (similar to The Onion) called "The Chained Duck."

Today, their headline sums up the economic situation in Europe fairly well:

"Sarko a Merkel: Chacun sa merde."

Star Wars Nerd Question

Anyone know if The Force Unleashed is any good?

My upstairs neighbors bought it today and I've been listening to them play it - and the sound is making me want to run out and buy it. But, I don't trust anything with George Lucas' name on it, so I'd like to hear from at least one person who has played it before I give any more money to the man who spent the past 12 years sullying my childhood hopes and dreams.



P.S. If there is an option or level that allows you to cut of Jar Jar Binks' head with a lightsaber I would consider it worth the money at any price.

Star Wars Geek Update

Fuck it, all of the versions of The Force Unleashed that I can buy in this town are in French only and I will not listen to Darth Vadar speak in French.

It's just wrong.

So, I'm ordering Lego Star Wars from Amazon.co.uk.

It's a better deal overall, because Lego Star wars is 22 pounds and The Force Unleashed is 69 euros, so I've saving like $40 this way. I'll lose some of that in shipping costs of course, but overall I think it will work out better.