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October 3rd, 2008


Palin is really, really good at debating on camera.

Why, why, why did Obama pick Biden? He's a smart guy but at least on my CNN video stream he comes off like a non charismatic douche.


We need the dems to win, but shit Biden is costing us points.

Did he really need to say "past is prologue?"


I know what a prologue is and so does everyone on my friends list, but a shitload of people in Ohio, Penn and Florida won't have a clue what the motherfucker is talking about.


Hippy IT Boy On LJ

Hippy IT Boy is on LJ now.

He's meltdown101.

You should add him!


(no subject)


Why Not To Stay Up Until 6 a.m Watching Debates


An Actual Saint

Think your job is bad?

Imagine being the manager of both Steven Morrissey and Axl Rose.


If he signs Amy Winehouse next he'll have the trifecta.

The Meme Everyone Is Doing Today

Post a picture in my comments of what you think describes me when you think about what/who I am.

Give no written explanation though. Just an image. (or link to an image)

Copy and paste into your own journal and see what others think about you in pictures!

Cool Satire

In which Radar writes what they imagine a Sarah Palin porn script would contain.


PALIN: My oh my. That's quite a toolbelt you have on. It looks heavy.

JOE: I have a big hammer.

PALIN: Oh, I betcha do. I love a big hammer. But I love screwdrivers, too! And wrenches. The fact is I love and respect all of America's diverse tools, big and small. They're what helps make us so great as a nation. Here, let me take that off for ya.

(PALIN takes a seat on the coach beside JOE and starts to undo his belt. He stops her.)

JOE: Let's go take a look at the tanning bed first.

PALIN: Oooh, okay.

(PALIN leads JOE to the tanning salon in the basement. JOE carefully inspects the machine.)

JOE: Looks like there are just a bunch of screws lose.

PALIN: (seductively) You're in luck. I fully support off-shore and on-shore drilling.

(PALIN pounces on JOE and throws him onto the top of the tanning bed. She quickly rips off his jeans.)

PALIN: God almighty! You are hung like a moose. Now I have to eat ya!

JOE: I'm bigger than a moose. Do you have any contraceptives?

PALIN: It's okay. I already took a morning-after pill.

JOE: Um, are you sure it works that way?

Just A Shout Out

Rome Girl's ex boyfriend directed last night's debate.

He's a way cool dude and plays a mean hand of poker.



The lovely divatreasure has a great meme type thing on her blog where she asks writers to write something on her blog.

It's fun!

I highly recommend it!

Good News!

BRITISH women’s boobs have jumped a cup size in just five years — from an average 34C to 36D.

Demand for G, H and even J cup bras has soared, sales figures show.

And more than 63 per cent of bra sales at high street store Debenhams are now a D or more.


June 2019



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