October 1st, 2008


What To Get A Little Girl On Her Birthday

I think Squirt is going to be three years old in a couple of days.

We don't know when exactly - but we rescued her from a dog on Halloween 2005 and based on her size and weight estimated that she was three to four weeks old at the time.

(The dog belonged to a friend of ours and came running up to the bar terrace with little Squirt in his mouth. I pulled the kitten out of his mouth, brought her home and when she stopped shaking managed to give her some food and the rest is history.)

So, what do I get her for her big day?

A can of tuna fish?

A baby mouse from the pet store?

A scratching post?

Any suggestions are welcome!


I love the Lars Ulrich has paid a full time chiropractor to travel with Metallica on this tour because playing "Battery" hurts his back.

Like, why not simply not play "Battery."

There are dozens of other songs the band could play that the fans like.

Ace The Bass

Today, The Guardian tries to explain what makes really good heavy metal.

Most of the article is trash, but they do make a good point about Metallica when they ask why the band bothers having a bass player.

It's true. Lars, while a prick, is awesome at banging the drum very, very quickly, Kirk does amazing guitar solos and James handles rhythm guitar riffs like nobody's business - but the bass might as well not exist.

Since Cliff Burton died they've had two amazing bass players but they invariably mix their records so you can't hear them play.

It's very, very odd.