September 28th, 2008

Question For The Ladies

I'm doing the "forced bi" section of the FemDom chapter of the male chastity belt book today.

What, if any, part of coaxing your (primarily straight) man to take a cock in his mouth or ass would be a turn on for you?

At a reader request, I'm screening comments. Simply let me know in the comment if you don't want me to make it public and I'll keep it private!



When I went to get cigarettes for Rome Girl and I around 4 p.m. today a tame mouse came up to me on my street.

He or she ran around my legs, followed me and when I stopped walking, climbed on my shoe and looked up at me.

I thought about picking him or her up, because it was clearly what the mouse wanted, but realized that I'd just been petting my cat before I went out and was worried that the smell of cat on my hands would freak the little thing out.

The mouse stopped following me when I got to the intersection where I had to turn right in order to get to the tabac, but when I returned five minutes later he or she followed me around again, jumped on my shoe one more time and, I swear to god, looked like he or she gave me a smile.

When I left the house again around 6 p.m. the little mouse was gone.

I hope it's OK.